Here are some questions which we are often being asked, we hope this will help answer some of your queries.

If you have further enquiries, feel free to call us on 6206 9744 or email us.
Forest Adventure Contact Centre Team (Open daily 9:00am – 6:00pm; closed for lunch from 1:00pm – 2:00pm)

We are open from Monday (9.30am to 2pm), Tuesday to Friday, 9.30am to 6pm

Saturday to Sunday/ PH, 9.30am to 6.30pm

  • Grand Course last departure: 12pm (Mon), 3.30pm (Tue to Fri), 4pm (weekend/PH) 
  • Junior and Kids Course last departure: 12pm (Mon), 4pm (Tue to Fri), 5pm (weekend/PH)

    **The Tarzan Swing will be closed during all MOE school holidays.

We want to make sure that you have plenty of time to complete the course before dark.

The Tarzan Swing is available all year round except during all MOE school holidays.

We love the Tarzan Swing as much as you do! However, due to high volume of participants on the course during school holidays, the Tarzan Swing will be closed. Our focus will be on ensuring safety and a smooth transition on our 3 main courses!

We have 3 courses: One for children, one for juniors and one for adults.

Kids Course

  • Minimum height required: 1.1m
  • Recommended minimum age: 5 years old
  • Children below 7 (as of D.O.B) must be accompanied on the course by a participating buddy age 14 (as of D.O.B) and above. Maximum 3 children to 1 buddy.

Junior Course

  • Minimum height: 1.35m
  • Children below 10 (as of D.O.B) must be accompanied on the course by a participating buddy age 14 (as of D.O.B) and above. Maximum 3 children to 1 buddy. Children above 10 must be supervised by an adult from the ground.

Grand Course

  • Minimum height: 1.45m
  • Maximum weight: 130kg
  • Children below 12 (as of D.O.B) must be accompanied on the course by a participating buddy age 14 (as of D.O.B) and above. Maximum 3 children to 1 buddy.

Participation to each course is strictly based on the minimum height i.e a 10 years old (as of D.O.B) child measuring at least 1.35m will not be able to participate on the Kids Course.

This is to ensure that young children are able to move at their own pace without being pressurized by older children who would naturally progress faster.

You can either book online or give us a ring on 6206 9744.
We suggest you book in advance as we tend to get busy on weekends and school holidays.

Simply follow the steps here: MVP Booking Instructions to book with your MVP! 

Sport shoes are a MUST. Participants (including accompanying parents/ buddies) wearing sandals, flip-flops, rubber clogs, or loose fitted shoes will not be allowed to go on the course. We also recommend that you wear bermudas or trousers and generally clothes that you do not mind getting a bit dirty.

Due to safety reasons, waist pouches of any form (i.e. waist bands for phone/ running) are not allowed on the course.

Children on the Kids Course will be wearing a helmet; we suggest they bring a bandana as they may find it more comfortable. Some customers also like to have bicycle gloves to protect their hands.

No. Your safety is our priority.

All participants will be put on our approved safety equipment only, we strictly do not allow any other external equipment to be brought along and used. Please note that all requests including the use of bicycle helmets will be rejected regardless.

Forest Adventure operates on a strict NO REFUND POLICY. Secure your booking with our wet weather insurance for only $2 per participant. 


Wet weather insurance (WWI) allows you to reschedule your session ONCE in the event which you wish to cancel your session due to inclement weather.

Please take note that the Wet weather insurance would be considered UTILIZED once your check-in process has been completed at our venue.


Simply email with your Booking Number and our team will reschedule the booking for you.

In the event of inclement weather whilst you are on the course and if the activity is closed due to safety reasons, a return voucher will be issued to you. NO SHOW or UNREDEEMED TICKETS are NON REFUNDABLE.


For customers who have been issued a Rain Voucher, please WhatsApp message us at 8100 7420.

Give us a call at 8100 7420 or drop us an email at at least 48hrs before your session. Kindly note that rescheduling is subjected to availability.

Yes. However, children below the age of 7 years old, 10 years old and 12 years old must have an accompanying buddy (14 years old and above) on the course.

Do remember that some children may find the activity challenging both physically and emotionally. We therefore strongly encourage for an adult to share the experience with their child or at the very least encourage and support from the ground.

Participants below 18 years old will need to have the Forest Adventure “Risk Acknowledgement and Disclaimer” completed by an adult or guardian prior to departing on the course.

Prior to departing on the course, participants go through a 20mins safety briefing where the instructor will explain and demonstrate how the safety equipment works and provide full safety instructions.

The initiation site is the only location where participants will be directly supervised by a Forest Adventure’ instructor. Thereafter, participants will complete the activity unguided and unsupervised

Having said that, instructors are never far away should participants require support and assistance!

• The Forest Adventure course is built according to European norm EN 15567 for sport and recreational Rope Course facility

• The course is built with a continuous safety line and belay system to which participants are attached to on the ground and detached from only at the end of the zip line

• The course is checked twice daily during opening and closing

• It is mandatory for all participants to go through a 20 minutes safety briefing

• Forest Adventure is licensed by BCA under the Amusement Ride Safety Act

• All PPE (harness) are inspected monthly and checked before and after each participant’s usage

Forest Adventure’s instructors go through a 5 days SPECIALISED TRAINING FACILITATION.

They are all FIRST AID certified and majority are NCAP certified and MOE REGISTERED.

No, you don’t. We encourage everyone to go at their own pace. Most people finish the Grand Course in approximately 2.5hrs, the Junior Course in 1hr15mins and the Kids Course 1hr.

If it takes a little less or a little more, it’s OK too!

Why not give it a try – you might surprise yourself! Forest Adventure may help you to conquer your fear! The course has been built so that it gets more challenging as you go which will help to build your confidence

Going through the Forest Adventure course does require a certain level of fitness as you will be physically engaged for up to 2.5hrs on the Grand Course and 1hr on the Kids Course and Junior Course. But if you can go for a long walk at a good pace you will be fine.

The time you have been given is the start of your compulsory safety briefing. Prior to departing on the course you will need to ensure that you have checked-in, completed your Risk Acknowledgment and Disclaimer form and make payment.

You should aim to being here at least 10mins before your booking time.

Safety briefings are at 30mins intervals, if you miss the start of the brief, we will move your booking to the next available slots subject to availability.

Yes, one-time usage lockers are available on-site for small sized bags and pouches at a fee of $1. You should try to bring as little as you need.

Due to safety reasons, waist pouches of any form (i.e. waist bands for phone/ running) are not allowed on the course.

You can bring a phone or a camera with you as long as it can be secured into a closed pocket. You phone must be on airplane mode at all time and can only be used as a camera.

Due to safety reasons, waist pouches of any form (i.e. waist bands for phone/ running) are not allowed on the course.

Fees are only for those going on the course. You are welcome to walk around and follow your friends and family form the ground and takes lots of picture.

Just to be safe and avoid any unnecessary risk that could harm your unborn child, we prefer you plan your day at Forest Adventure after your baby is born.

Simply because we are not medically qualified, we will leave it to you to decide if your condition allows you to complete the Forest Adventure course safely.